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Ziggy Zsigmond Varga comes  from a Hungarian musical family and he learnt to play the piano from from the age of six. His father was a professional pianist and violinist and was Ziggy’s first musical teacher. Ziggy started to study music at his primary school and when he was able to read music, he started to learn Hungarian folk songs and pop songs.

At the age of seventeen, Ziggy fell in love with Jazz music and then went of to study Jazz in Budapest. He also started doing gigs with his first band.After 15 years of performing across Hungary and Canada, he moved to London in 2006 and started work as a bar pianist in some of London’s top hotels. He regularly performs at venues across London and the Home Counties, and he continues to entertain at weddings and corporate events. He plays a wide range of music including Soul, Jazz, Pop and Rock.In 2010 Ziggy and Steven met through a mutual friend and after hearing Ziggy play, Steven Wright asked him to join his newly formed band called ‘Candy Apple Blue’. Ziggy grasped the opportunity. Ziggy performs regularly with the band,he also enjoys passing his musical skills to others by helping both adults and children play the piano.


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